Body microstructure:

The body of all our cutting rules is hardened completely by Austempering with the microstructure of Bainite which is with the most ductile structure in steel at the same hardness.
Any Bendability required can be made for you.
The hardness of HV340, 380, 400, 450 is the most commonly used practically.


Shaved cutting edge:

Smooth, shaved edge cutting rules incorporate good bendability, high wear resistance and outstanding performance for general diecutting applications. The rules undergo close inspection of edge position, shape and sharpness to ensure the market leading brand quality of Dieflex™ is exclusively maintained.


Coating (Ultra or Platinum):

A smooth and thin anti-friction coating is applied on the rule bevel and edge to enable diecutting at lower pressures, while at the same time reducing dust/angel hair.


A unique surface coating gives a combination of an extremely hard edge and smooth bevel surface to reduce coefficient of friction while maintaining typical Dieflex bendability. Dieflex Platinum is suitable for long diecutting runs on cigarette packaging and pharmaceutical packaging. It can also be utilized for diecutting tough materials such as abrasives, plastic laminated board and metalized polyester.


The inclusion of a smooth, thin coating on the rule bevel is designed to reduce friction. This allows diecutting at lower pressures and reduces dust/angel hair. Dieflex Ultra is suitable for diecutting recycled solid board, plastic laminated board and corrugated board where fibres are much shorter and have a tendency to break up (dusting) when diecutting with standard rules.



The both sides of the body surface are suitably and uniformly decarburized to such an extent 16 μm to 200 μm which depends on your requirements.
*For Armor and Saxon steel rules we decarburize up to 20 μm only.
*For Dieflex we decarburize up to 160 μm which varies with the material thickness and customers special requirements.


High Frequency edge hardened:

We have nine high frequency edge hardening lines with the megahertz machinery.
The hardening depth can also be made upon request, the depth of 0.20mm being the most popular one and the depth of 0.30mm for the deep-edge hardened rules being available.
All our high frequency machinery was made in Germany and Sweden.
Normally the edge-hardened rules will be with a slight scale on after hardening. A bright edge hardened rules is also available.


Fine ground cutting edge:

Combines a very sharp edge with smooth bright bevel appearance for a good level of bendability. This fine ground product also has the same narrow height tolerances as the shaved edge Dieflex™ products.