Shaved edge rules

The well-known sharpest shaved rules are produced by three sophisticated shaving machines made in Sweden and Germany.

Our maximum capacity is 200k meters per day.

The shaved sharp edge is our standard.

The shaved round edge with a tiny radius of R=0.016mm for example is also available on request.

Dieflex® Shaved rules
Body hardness HV340 HV380 HV400 HV450
Edge hardness ~HV660 ~HV720
Height 22mm~100mm
Point 1.27pt/0.45mm, 1.5pt/0.53mm, 2pt/0.71mm, 3pt/1.05mm, 4pt/1.42mm
Bevel type Center bevel / Long center bevel / Side bevel/ Long side bevel
Edge angle 42°,52° (Standard)
30 °, 46 °, 60°, 75° (Optional)