About Us

Armor Steel company was established in 1985 in Taipei, Taiwan, focusing on the research and manufacture of cutting rules and die steel rules with the best machinery for the production starting from steel heat treatment, rule shaving, grinding and the cutting edge hardening by super high-frequency machines to the fully automatic finishing lines.

In April 2015, Armor acquires die-cutting business from Swedish company, including all the machinery as well as technology, intellectual property of trade-marks and patents, like Dieflex®, Saxon® etc.

Our current major facility includes

1. Two steel heat treatment lines for the steel rule body hardening and tempering.

2.Three sets of shaving machinery with the capacity of 200k meters daily.

3.Nine high frequency edge hardening lines with the capacity of 150k meters daily.

4.Three grinding lines.

5.Nine finishing lines for straightening, levelling, marking, cut-to-length and so on.

6.More than 30 complete sets of automatic laser micrometers for production supervision.

With the help of our skilled and well-trained operators and engineers together with those most innovative, sophisticated machinery combining our in-house know-hows, we produce the best cutting rules with the optimal quality for all our customers at a very reasonable cost – performance ratio based on a very efficient lead time.